My name is Yesmin. I have been working here with Basha for three years. Before I was not here regularly at production, but I am trying to be here regularly now. Daycare facilities are very good at Basha. If I feel sick then I can take a rest. I have one son. He is five years old and very active. I dream that my son will have a good education and be a responsible child. I hope to save some money for my own house too. I want to be in a good position and lead my own life safely. If a woman needs help, I will tell her to come here for training. Before, I helped a woman to get a job at the garments factory. One woman came to me and asked for my help, so I helped her to stay at my room for a few days. I have brought two women to Children Uplift Program (CUP) for training. I make single kanthas. I like to do machine sewing and cutting. It was hard to learn, but I learned and now I feel happy to sew. I feel it is hard to sew big kanthas. I like to help others so much when I know how to fix problems with kanthas. I am proud of my life. My husband does not help me now, but I am earning money and doing all my expenditures by myself. My mom is sick mentally so please pray for me.

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