My name is Airen. I have been working here with Basha for three years. I am feeling better mentally than before. I like to work at Basha because my daughter can stay and learn good discipline at daycare. No other office has this facility. She likes to help me to wash dishes. She likes to help others too. I dream that my daughter will grow mentally and physically. She is now four years old. I will pray for my husband that he will understand me more and help. My daughter will go to school. If a woman is in a difficult situation and needs a job and food, I will stand beside her and give good suggestions. I will help her according to my ability. If she has a hard time with her husband then I will invite her to Basha because she can have a safe place here. I am having a good relationship with my family. I do machine sewing to make mask and joint sari fabric to make chunky knit blanket. I like to do any kind of machine sewing. At first, these products were a little hard to make, but now I do not have any difficulties. Before, I helped those who are weak to sew cushions. I am proud of my beautiful daughter. Many people do not get a child so I am thankful to God.

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