My name is Aduri. I am living in the Jashore Transitional home. I love to stay here. Here I have a nice family and home. I am learning cooking, social behavior, and how to save money. Everyone is so lovely. I work here and I support my sister’s studies. I started to work with Basha October 21, 2019. The thing I like best about Basha is that here everyone helps others and there are no male workers. Here I have good security for work. I dream that I will have land of my own by doing work in the Basha office. One day I will make a house with my own income. In five years, I want to be happier with my family. I invited my cousin and sister-in-law to our office and showed them how beautiful our office environment is. After seeing the working environment and facilities, my family was impressed. I feel very proud to be a staff at Basha.

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