My name is Akhlima. I have been doing this job with Basha since 2012. I like to work at Basha because I can keep my children around me at daycare. I have two children. They are going to school. My son studies in class three and my daughter in class one. If I get sick, then they take care of me. I am dreaming that in the future my children will study well and they will serve others. I want to become healthy in the next five years because I am often sick. If any woman has a hard time, then I will tell her to work at garments. If they want to work at Basha, then I will tell her to come for training. I will tell her to come to Basha if she is helpless. If she comes to this office, she will learn many good things for her life. I am having a good time in my family now. My husband did not work before, but now he is sincere to work. My favourite work is sewing small kanthas and single kanthas. I feel it is hard to do big kanthas. Mostly I do quality checking so I show others how to do good quality work. I feel proud that my children are staying with me and I am able to send them to school. Please pray for me that I can be healthy by doing everything in discipline.

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