My name is Yasmin. I have been working with Basha for five years. I have many changes recently. I was sick before, but now I am okay. I am not feeling sick anymore. I like most of the things here. My children are studying well. They are growing up well. With the help of this office my children are studying in different classes that might have been difficult if I did not have this job. My second daughter likes to play cricket and football. The eldest daughter likes to sew. I dream that they will finish their studies, be self-sufficient in their lives and live happily. Within five years I want to buy some land. I pray for my eldest daughter’s marriage. If I see any women who need help I suggest they go to garments or if they meet the criteria I can bring them to (Basha’s partner organization) Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP) for training. I want to comfort them so that they can have peace in their hearts. I suggested sister Nazma (jewellery) to do her job here properly when she was having a hard time to make jewellery. I am now staying well by doing this job. I can support my family because I earn now. I make many beautiful jewellery items. Many women in the world buy them and love them. I like this job so much. I like to make fabric ornaments also. I can make any product in a short period of time. I feel that copper coil earrings and other products are harder to make, but my supervisor taught me how to make them. I help others also to finish any jewellery. If orders need to be completed, then I help to get them finished fast.

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