My name is Yanur. I worked here at Basha for four years, then I was absent for one year, and now I have come back this month. I have my second baby now and I am happy for my children. My daughter likes to play a lot with her friends. I like to work here because the children get nutritious food and education while I work for the day at production. I am dreaming that I will be able to work for my children and they will be educated for their future. I wish to do better in my life day by day. I want to support my husband to be healthy and we will be able to pay back all our debts. If I see anyone in a bad condition, then I will help her and give good suggestions on how to handle difficult situations. I brought two women for training before. They had a hard time in their families and they were not able to take care of their children. Since I started working at Basha, my relationship with my family members is improving. Our relatives visit us often. I make jewellery items. I make jewellery bags, a few kinds of jewellery and do drilling most of the time. I feel it is hard to do new samples. If I see that anyone is having a hard time with any product and if I know how to help, then I teach her. Many women are having difficulties in their lives, but I was selected to come for this job. I am proud of my job and that I have this privilege.

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