I am Tisha. I have been working here at Basha for 8 months. I completed the 6-month training period through Friends of Basha and I enjoyed and learned many things. My life has changed a lot. Before, I thought to myself all the time that I was alone and that no one loved me. I was depressed all the time because I am a widow. However, when I joined, I learned how to laugh, and now I love myself very much. I have two sons and my eldest son is studying in college. I am supporting my son’s education. I tell women who need a job that Basha is a safe and caring environment for work. Here everyone loves me a lot. I have no difficulties sewing. I love to sew blankets. I feel proud to sew my name with my own label. I wonder who will buy my blanket, and to what faraway place it will go. Here I see a transparent work place, which makes me proud to be an artisan. My dream is to complete my son’s education and see him in a good future position. I feel proud of myself now.

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