I am Thamena Begum. I am a widow. I got married when I was 15 because I lived in an area with a high risk of trafficking and selling drugs. My parents were worried and arranged my marriage early so I would have protection. My husband had oral cancer. He died when my son was in class eight. After my husband died my son dropped out of school and started working in a car workshop. He is 18 years now and wants to study in BTS (Bangladesh Technical School). Now I am working with Basha. When I started working at Basha, office staff came to visit my house and gave some counseling to my son to resume his study. He took their advice and started taking classes at BTS. I am so happy about that. Now I have TB. I have been suffering for one month. The Doctor gave me a six-month course of medicine to take. I have little hope for my life but my son is my hope which gives me the strength to live. I am so happy that Basha convinced my son to study!

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