Taslima B.



I am Taslima. I have three children. My elder son is twelve years old, my younger son is six years old, and my daughter is studying HSC. We are five family members living together including my mother. Five years ago, my husband left for work but didn’t come back. He is missing. Nobody knows where he is. I went to the police station and made a report. I advertised in the newspaper and made public announcements, but there was no response. My mother-in-law wouldn’t support us with her son gone and she asked me to leave her house. I returned to my mother’s home and my brother helped me for a while, but he’s not able to continue to help me. I came to Basha office for sewing work. I love to sew and earn money for my family and give my children a better education and a bright life. I believe one day my husband will come back and we will live a happy life again.

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