My name is Tarjina. I have two sons. I like Basha's daycare where my sons are staying every day. In daycare they are receiving healthy food protein. My sons like to eat khichuri, eggs, milk and fruits. They love Halim because it made with chicken. They like to play with cars and balls. I want to make them self-dependent people. Without education life is completely valueless. They will not get a good job. I want to help them become educated to get a good job. I like to make double and king size kantha. It was hard for me to make these items in the beginning, but now its easy. The working environment here is very safe for women and everyone is so helpful and kind. It is very easy to work with them. I feel proud that foreigners are buying our product. I never imagined that our handmade products would be in this much demand to others.

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