My name is Taniya. I am a new producer in the jewellery section. I started working here with Basha in 2016. I was absent for one year. I came back to Basha and had twin babies. Now I am a regular producer in this job. I like to work at Basha because my children can stay at daycare and staff think of us as family members. I have four children. Two boys and two girls. My eldest daughter likes to draw pictures so much. I dream that my eldest son will have a good education and he will look after his siblings. I want to make my life better and save for the future. I want to do something for our family that will help us to make a good income. If I see someone in a difficult situation, I will tell her to talk to any staff here and do this job. I am having better communication with my father-in-law and relatives. I like to sew blankets, but I had a hard time learning. A baby kantha takes me two days to sew. I think it is hard to make jewellery. I feel peace about my husband. He gives me priority for family needs. Sometimes I get angry at home, but he loves me all the time. I hope to do better in the future. I want to try to earn more day by day because a good amount of money can bring a lot to our family.

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