My name is Surma. I have been working with Basha for one year. I was in a difficult situation, but now I do not have those problems. I like the kantha sewing. Staff have nice behaviour here at Basha. I have three children; two boys and one girl. They are studying at school and they love me so much. My two boys want me to eat first and then they will eat. My girl is so sweet too. They are obedient children. My dream is that in the future my children will grow well. I want to send them to a boarding school to study so that they can learn discipline well. I hope my future will be better than now. If any women will be in a difficult situation, then I will encourage them to come to (Basha’s partner organization) Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP). for training and to work at Basha. Those who are taking training at CUP, I encourage to come to Basha for a job. I like all women to work and be self-sufficient financially. My relationship with family members and relatives is better now. They communicate with us. I make small kanthas and standard throw-size kanthas. I also tear sari’s to make chunky knit products. I like to do cushions. It takes a few more days for me to finish any kantha blankets. I cannot make very big kanthas, but I want to try. I am proud of my job and my husband helps me a lot. I earn money and make good things for my children. That is why I am happy. My husband cannot see so please pray for him.

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