My name is Sumaiya. I am thirteen years old and studying in grade five. I am the eldest of three children. My father works as a guard in a factory. My mother is also working in the jewellery department of Basha Enterprises. I am doing an apprenticeship at Basha Enterprises for two hours every day. I am paid for this which means I am able to help my family pay for my education. I can buy my school uniform, books, stationary and pay my tuition fee. I also want to help in my siblings study.
Everyone is very helpful at Basha. They treat me kindly and show me if I make any mistake. I am learning skills which will help me for my future work. I am grateful for this opportunity. My parents are happy for me. Before I did not use my time wisely and wasted my afternoons. Now I am always eager to complete my school work and to do my Basha work. I want to continue this training and study.

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