My name is Suma. I have been working with Basha for two years. In the last month, a big change has happened in my life. I didn’t have a good relationship with my father for so long, but last month I talked to him and made a good relationship with him. I started going to my father’s home. I have one son who comes to daycare every day with me. He loves to come to daycare. My only dream is to buy a piece of land in my own name. I found Basha is the place where one can work safely, without any tension. By doing quality work, I want to raise my position in Basha. A working woman is respected in every family and the society. A few things I love to sew are the hair wrap and the two layer kanthas. I can measure kanthas properly so I help others with this. I feel very proud of myself that I am a working woman. This job is my strength.

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