My name is Sonia. I have been working here with Basha since 2016. I am a producer in the jewellery section. I had problems with my husband, but now I am staying alone and handling all my family expenditures by myself. I like to work at Basha because of the daycare facility. I could not work at other offices with my children. All staff here behave well which is what I like so much. In the garment factory, supervisors treat the producers badly, but here staff correct us if we do things incorrectly. We learn here how to maintain a time discipline for the day. I have two children. My son is six months old and my daughter is six years old. I dream that I will buy a small piece of land and make my own house in the village. I want to send my son to school in five years. If any woman has a hard time then I will bring her to Children Uplift Program (CUP) for training. I will give her good suggestions to overcome her difficulties. I brought producer Irene here because her husband used to torture her physically and mentally. She was not able to work at the garment factory with a child. I did not have good communication with my parents before, but now I have a good relationship with them. I like to make necklaces. I can do all kinds of jewellery items and I feel so happy. I had a hard time learning to make them at first, but now I can make a necklace in 1/2 a day. I help Tania now because she is a new producer. I am proud of my life and that I am staying well and maintaining everything for my family.

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