My name is Shummi. I work in the textile department at Basha Enterprises Ltd. Previously, I worked at a garments factory. My husband, who was a drug addict, left me and his mother physically abused me because of the dowry. I could not bear her abuse anymore. One day, my mother brought me to her house. I have done various kinds of work before joining Basha. I used to beg on the streets and I was once involved in prostitution. I had to face many hardships in my life. Then, I joined the Children Uplift Program (CUP), which had helped me in many ways. I did not know how to read or write, but I acquired these skills at CUP. Working at the garments factory was very hard. I had to stand the whole day and I, along with other workers there, was not treated well. The garments factory offered a higher salary, but the treatment of the workers was terrible. Here at CUP, I receive love and care. My child is safe and I can see him during lunchtime. I don’t need to be worried about him. This work is very helpful for me. I appreciate working here and I will make an effort to work regularly. I want to be self-dependent and I will work my best to achieve a bright future.

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