My name is Shima. I have been working with Basha for five years. I have a small baby so I am happy to have him with me. At Basha, we can work and keep our children at daycare for the whole day. I have two boys. The eldest one is six years old and studies in playgroup. He likes to play with boys older than him. My youngest is ten months old. In the future, I hope that I will have my own house and send my two boys to school. I hope to save some money for my sons and I want to let them grow emotionally. I will tell other women to come for training and have a job here at Basha. I brought another woman here and she worked for a few years. She became pregnant and left with her husband. I have a good relationship with my family members and neighbors. Now my husband and I have good communication. I have a good friendship with Salma (co-worker). I make big kantha blankets. When I sew I look at that the large products and think that it will bring money for me so I try to do it nicely. I like to make repurposed luxe doubles and to do the edge design on natural kantha blankets. I do not have a hard time making products. I make a repurposed luxe double blanket within six days. I find it difficult to make small hair wraps. I am learning, but because of their small size I do not find it easy to make those. I help others who have a hard time and show them how to do a good quality kanthas. Rani, Rahima and Salma get help from me. I earn my own expenses and have peace that I don’t need to ask for money from family members.

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