Shathi L


My name is Shathi (D). After my husband’s death, I took shelter at my mother’s house. Nobody treated me well there. My life was covered with a thick cloud. I left my daughter and son with my mother and came to Dhaka. I started living in the Mazar [a local religious shrine, where women and children can receive charity but are at high risk of exploitation]  and married a man I met there.
He had a relationship with another woman and left me to marry her even though I was pregnant. One of Children Uplift Programm‘s staff took me from the Mazar and enrolled me in their training programme. My life has changed through this training programme.
Now every month I am earning money. I can buy food and pay my house rent. I have found a family in CUP and Basha. I can share my burdens with people there. They comfort me when I am distressed. I respect my work because through this work I am living in a dignified way. I dream my children will receive a high education and will get honourable jobs.

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