My name is Sharna. I started working at Basha on July 26, 2022. I have one son and daughter. They are going to school and coming to daycare. My husband did not work regularly. He abused me and didn’t take care of family. Now my life has changed after joining Basha. I didn’t study and didn’t know about life skills, but now I know how to read and write letters and about health matters, cleanliness, and good behavior. I like to work at Basha because there are many activities besides work, for instance, studies, activities, and exercise. I think the products I make represent our country’s heritage and culture. My favorite product is the standard kantha throw. At first, I found it hard to learn. It takes 3 days to make one. Now I can make any product. I learned the work through Basha training. I have good sewing skills with which I can help others. After five years, I want to have a house of my own. My husband stopped abusing me after I began coming to work here. My husband and the community appreciate me a lot for working at Basha. I am proud to work in such a beautiful office where I can earn and feel safe.

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