My name is Shahinur. I started part time work at Basha in 2016 as a student. I was absent for few days, but now I have this chance again. I like the environment of this production centre. Even though I am a student, this office gave me a chance to work. I dream that I will have a safe future. I am not continuing my studies, but I want to live better than now. If I see anyone in difficulties, then I will give her encouragement to start a new job and go ahead with her life. I misunderstood my parents sometimes, but now I have a good relationship with my parents. I make jewellery products. I like to do all kinds of beautiful jewellery items. It was hard for me to learn at the beginning, but now I feel happy to see the products made by me. I like to help those who ask help from me. This is a good job. I like to work with others in this friendly environment. I want to be self-sufficient in my life so please remember me in your prayers.

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