My name is Shahida. I started working with Basha in January 2021. Before I used to get angry, but now I am more able to control myself. I discuss things with my husband if we need to talk. I came to this job at Basha so my son can be in a good environment while I work. I have a 6 year old boy. He has a breathing problem. My dream for the future is to see my son grow in good health and go to school regularly. I want to earn well and work for a better life. If a woman has a hard time then I will help her by giving good advice. If she wants to join in training, then I would help her to come here. I have brought a woman who is now in training. My relationship with my family is now better than before. I have changed myself a lot too. I think and try to sew well without any defects. I hope people will send more orders when they see my quality work. I like all kinds of machine sewing. If I feel something is difficult I will ask for help from my supervisor. I am proud have this chance to work in production. I would like to request that you please pray for my son’s health.

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