My name is Setu. I have been working at Basha for three years. I have one daughter. My dream is to admit her in a Madrasa   (Islamic school). Last month she was admitted in a Madrasa. The thing I like the most about Basha is the daycare. Because of daycare I am able to work here. Otherwise it would not be possible for me to work outside with a small child. The Basha office thinks about our children’s safety first. This is an amazing thing that others not do. I have a really good relationship with my husband. We both earn money for ourselves. We are living a happy life now, but we had a painful life before so if I see someone struggling I talk to them and inspire them to work. I love to sew kanthas. I love to sew hair wraps. I sew some other products as well and my quality is getting better day by day. I’m earning more money than before. I really feel proud to be a part of Basha. All my family members give me respect and importance now. Before they didn’t count me in their family. I’m so grateful to Basha.

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