Salma K.



My name is Salma K. I have been working with Basha for four years. Now I am in better condition than before. I live by myself with my youngest son and I pay for my house rent and food. When I was small, I was lost from my family and later I got married. Now I have four children. They are studying well. My youngest son is almost two years old now. They are so intelligent. My third child, Siam, is a very polite boy. He is not greedy and doesn’t ask anything from others. He thinks very deeply. My dream is for my children to stay safely with me in my own house. Within the next five years, I want to develop my life financially and take good care of my sons. If I see any woman, I tell them to come to (Basha’s partner organization) Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP) for training. I do not know who my relatives are because I was lost during my childhood. Now, I depend on God and lead my own life. I make single, double & small kantha blankets. I sew at home to earn more. I finish the kanthas within the given time and try to finish them with good quality. At home, I do all my household work by myself and the rest of the time, I sew. I take care of my small son too. If I could have had support like this in my childhood, I would have had a better life. I thank God that because of Basha I am now having a safe and happy life.

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