My name is Rupali. I have been living at Jashore Transitional home for six months and I have completed six months of training. I love to stay here because I feel safe and have a secure life which I do not get from my family. My husband and his father tried to sell me to India. I am back in my country now and my parents helped me to divorce my husband, but do not want me to stay at home. It makes me so sad when my family does not accept me. My dream is that I can work hard here, buy a little land for a house, and live there. I love sewing and I love to work here. Here I have a counsellor who has supported me. I have had a lot of trauma that I can recover from now. I am learning how to transition from home; how to cook, how to shop, how to save money for the future, and how to behave with others. All the essential things I am learning. Here I can trust everyone. Now my dream is to earn well, support my family a little and save some money for my future.

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