My name is Rumi Islam. I have two sons. I have been working with Basha since 2018. When I started to work at Basha, my husband was addicted to drugs. Now he has changed a lot. He works and no longer uses drugs. He supports our family now. My two sons are going to school and they are also doing well. After some years, I want to see my elder son complete SSC (high school equivalency). Now I know that my sons and husband are all happy. They see that I maintain my family and they give value to my work. I never thought that as a woman I would be able to change my family. Now I am happy. When I meet any women who have problems, I tell them about Basha, and they can see how my life is now. I am working here as one of Basha’s top artisans which means I am getting a good salary. I am paying for my children’s schooling and buying food for them. Now I am happy with my life and work, and my children are happy too. I am so thankful to customers who buy my blankets.

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