My name is Rozina. I work at Basha Enterprises Ltd. I lost my mother during my childhood. My stepmother was not fond of me, and she sent me to a center where I had spent my childhood. I began working at a garment factory and at that time, I met my husband. My in-laws did not like me because they expected to receive the dowry. Since my parents didn’t provide any dowry for them, they abused me severely. I ran away from my mother-in-law’s house, but I could not take my son with me. I was pregnant at that time. My stepmother did not offer any shelter for me and I felt hopeless. During that situation, my sister brought me to Children Uplift Program (CUP), which I praise God for. I have learned many things there. Now, I am confident and I can live without my husband’s support. Even if I don’t work here in the future, I can start my own business. I don’t need to be involved in prostitution to provide food or to fulfill my daily needs. My childhood contains so much pain and I don’t want my daughter to experience a similar situation. I want her to have a bright future and I believe God will enable her to.

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