My name is Romecha. I am a new producer here at Basha. We came to Dhaka about two years ago so I have had to make many changes to city life. We have many privileges here at Basha. As well as a job, my children are given daycare. I have two daughters. They are 9 and 4 years old. I dream that my husband will quit drugs and that he will take care of our family well so that together we can help provide for our daughters’ education. I have another dream to have our own house in the village. My husband understands better now about providing for our family. He used to physically abuse me before because of his mom’s provocative words, but now he does not do this. I will let those in a difficult situation know about this sewing training. Hopefully I will learn how to make very good quality kantha blankets. I wish to sew my kanthas beautifully. I like to do single kanthas. It takes me five days to finish because I am a new producer. It was hard for me at the beginning because I used to do normal sewing without any rules. I feel proud to have submitted six single kanthas during this month as a new producer.

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