My name is Rojina. I am a student. I have been working here with Basha for one month. As a student, I have started this part time work at Basha and I love it. I like the activities of this office. Here, I feel safe. As a girl, I need to be in this environment. I am trying to be a doctor so that I can serve others. In five years, I wish to be a medical student. If I see anyone with difficulties, then I will discuss it with Basha office staff. I will encourage her to come to this job because here no one has bad behaviour. Everyone is so caring here. I think of these office people as my family members. It is so easy for me to tear sari fabric to make chunky knit and sewing angle scarf. I make the sample of angle scarf. I do not make big kanthas. I supply bottled water for other producers. I am proud and thankful that although I am a student, I have this work. I can move in one place to another by myself and I am coming to this office. I want to pray that I can be self-sufficient.

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