My name is Roja. I have been working with Basha for one year. I once was so angry, but now I am calm and happy. I had so much debt. My family members had an illegal drug business before, but now I am doing this good job, working in a nice place. Now no one says that my family members have a bad business. No one says that I come from a bad family. I lost my father when I was small and my mom left me in my childhood. I have a good relationship with my family members. I had two boys, but the eldest one died suddenly one night. I was very sad, but then others helped me to forget the pain. Now I have another child and he is one year old. I dream that I can continue my savings and stay without any debt. I pray that my son will stay with us happily. I hope that in five years I will continue to earn and will not need to ask for money from anyone. I do not want to have any loans in the future. If anyone has a hard time then I will tell them to come for training. I will tell them to look for a job like Basha. I make small items: kantha stockings, small kantha blankets, bow ties, hair wraps, etc. I like to do these small products. I am afraid of doing big kanthas. I am trying to learn, but it is hard for. I cannot show others how to do big kanthas, but I can show them how to finish hair wraps which many producers do not like to do. I am proud of my job. Though my family members did illegal business, I do not. God helped me to find this good place to work. Please pray for me that I can learn how to do all products and continue with this job for the future.

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