My name is Rini. I just completed six months training and I am ready for my job (at Basha). Sometimes I invite a woman who is suffering to visit our office and encourage her to work with us. I can fulfill my family needs by working at Basha. I do not need to ask for help from my husband. I have one daughter and one son. I support all their needs. I work hard, but my husband does not. He takes drugs and spends all the money on them. After my marriage, I was not very happy because my husband and his family members abused me for dowry and money. However, my parents offered me refuge. Now I stay with my parents. My husband lives with me as well, but he does not work much. I work here at Basha, and after five years I want to see a change in my husband’s life. I took a challenge that I will work hard to change my husband’s life. My dream is to one day have my own piece of land. I want to buy some land and make a small house for my children and husband.

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