My name is Rina. I have been doing this sewing job with Basha since 2012. I have a baby boy now and he is almost two years old, so I came back to this job again. I like the environment of this production centre. Everyone has good behaviour. I have three children. My eldest daughter is fourteen years old and my second daughter is twelve years old. My second daughter is very interested to continue her studies. I dream that my children will grow up well and shine in their lives. In the next five years I want to be healthy physically and work regularly at the office. If someone is in a difficult position, I will help her with food first. Then I will introduce training here if she needs a job. I brought a few women to Children Uplift Program (CUP) for training. They were helpless in their lives and were having hard times with family. I have a good relationship with my husband and relatives. I can sew all kinds of kanthas, but I cannot do big kanthas now. I cannot do big kanthas, but I pray that I can do day rate sometimes to handle my family needs. I like to do small kanthas. It was hard to learn at the beginning. Small kanthas take three days to complete. I can do quality checking work. I am proud of this job and my children.

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