My Name is Rimi. I have been working with Bash for 8 months. I have one son and one daughter. They are living in my parents’ house. My husband is not able to support me and my kids. He is a lazy man and a drug addict but I believe that one day he will change and will support my children. I have many struggles in my life, so I want to work hard and earn well for my children. I don’t want my daughter to have an early marriage. At the end of the month when I get my salary, I save some money for my children’s future. I wanted to continue my own studies, but my parents couldn’t help me to continue. Now I can help my children study. In the evening I help them to complete their homework. I love rhyme and singing with my kids. My children love me very much. I love Basha and I love to work here. When I see customer feedback about our blankets, I feel happy, and it encourages me to work more. Seeing my name on my label makes me proud of myself. I enjoyed the 6-month training period through Friends of Basha very much. Now my relatives respect me, and they are happy that I work at Basha.

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