My name is Ria. I have been working here now for two years. I work in piece rate kantha sewing. Before, I used to do washing. After attending the International Child Development Programme (ICDP) class, I love my child more. Daycare at this production centre is very helpful for women. My only son is now six years old. He likes to eat a lot. He likes to dress well. He is very intelligent and loves to sing songs. I want my child to be educated for a bright future. I want to pray for my 2nd baby. I wish to live better. If anyone is having a hard time, I will tell her to take training from Children Uplift Program (CUP). I am having a better relationship with my husband. I am now sewing single kanthas. My favourite to sew are cushions. It was easy for me to sew a cushion; within two days I completed it. I feel it is hard to make double, king and queen kanthas. I will try to learn how to sew those in the future. I feel proud of my child and this job.

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