My name is Rani. I have been working with Basha for nearly ten years. I used to fight with other producers before, but now I do not fight with anyone. I like that my children have the chance to study and stay here at daycare safely. I have three very talented boys. They can understand many things according to their age. My eldest son is studying in class 7 and works part time while he is at home from boarding school. My dream is that my boys will grow, have good jobs and be good examples among other people. I want to stay peacefully with other Basha sisters and want to change my house to a better place. If any woman has difficult times, then I will tell her about training at (Basha’s partner organization) Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP). and I will give her the address of our training centre. I brought many women here for training. I like to do my sewing. I like to do small kanthas. Small products take me two days to finish. I can do all kinds of products, but only hair wraps give me a hard time. I do not enjoy doing that. I can help others to finish any product. I am proud that I have a job here.

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