My name is Rahima. I have been working with Basha for four years. I like the environment of this production centre. The children can stay at the daycare safely. Many women cannot work in other places if they have children. I have two boys. They love me so much. I am dreaming that in the future my sons will live well because I am working for them. I wish to have a better life in five years. If I see anyone in hard times, then I will tell them to come to Children Uplift Program (CUP) for training. I have brought six or seven women to CUP for training. I make big kanthas now, but my favourite to make are small kanthas. I feel it is hard to sew king and queen size kanthas. I help others who sit beside me to finish the edge of kanthas. I am proud that my children are so intelligent. I am staying alone and handling all my expenses by myself. I am pregnant with my third child now. Please pray for me and my family.

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