My name is Rabeya. I have been working with Basha for six years. I am doing better sewing than before. My husband was sick with a heart problem, but now he is feeling good. I like Basha because the children can have daycare and can study here. They get good care at the daycare. I have two boys. They are eleven years old and nine years old. They love to fish in the pond by hook. I dream that my children can study and have a good future. In five years I hope that my husband will be completely healthy. If any woman has a hard time, I will give her good suggestions and tell her about this office. One woman came to us and was looking for a job. Then I talked to Children Uplift Program (CUP) about training for her. I invited her to Basha so that she can earn money and keep her children at daycare safely. I am having good family relationships now. My relationship with my husband and his relatives was not good before. He used to have bad behaviour, but now he takes care much more. I make all kinds of kanthas; king size, double size and single size kanthas. I like to do machine sewing too. My favourite to make are king and queen size kanthas because they bring a good salary to me. I help others to understand how to finish any product perfectly. I am proud that my two sons are growing well. I hope if I have a hard time raising my boys that Basha will be beside me.

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