Rabeya A.



My name is Rabeya Akter. I am a student. My family had many problems and couldn’t afford for my studies. I had to start working. I was a helper in a tailor’s shop. I did the hand sewing. After that, I tried to work in the market as a sales girl. However, I did not like the working environment. Men used to harass me in many ways. Therefore, I stopped going there. One of my neighbors worked at Basha Enterprises. She introduced my mother to Basha Enterprises. My mother also wanted me to work here so she brought me. Now we are working together, sewing at home. I have developed myself through this work. I can stay at home and produce blankets. It is a great opportunity for me as now I can complete my studies and continue my work. I am using my money for several purposes: I help my family; I am saving money every month; I have purchased a piece of land with my money. Now my family will get rice from this land. I am so happy that I can contribute to my family expenses. My family wants to arrange my marriage, but I told them I would not marry now. First I want to develop myself and then I will marry.*Most artisans work full time in one of Basha’s production centers, but we also provide some work to women in their homes who don’t require all of Basha’s support services but need the income to improve their lives.

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