My name is Popi. I have been living at Jashore Transitional home for six months and I have completed six months of training. I love to stay here. I am the youngest so everyone cares for me and loves me. All are helpful to me. I enjoyed the training time and learned lots of things. I love life skill 11 component class and drawing class very much. During training time I learned basic knowledge of education, counselling, drawing, and I had fun with nail art and make up which I love very much. I want to work here and want to stay in a safe place. Now I can buy what I like to buy. My dream is that I will save some money for my future so that I can have a better life. I love to sew baby blankets. I believe customers will buy my products and I can save money for the future. I never thought before that I could earn, but it’s really happening when everyone encourages me. I do not have my own family, but I have a big Basha family right now who take care me and support me. Washing and cleaning and making tea is my favorite work.

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