My name is Poli. I have been working with Basha for four years and in this time my family life and many things have changed. When I started to work with Basha my husband was very sick, and I was the only person who earned for the family. I live with a combined family. There are eight of us that live together. After his sickness, my husband was not able to work hard so I started to work by opening a tea stall near my house. For two years my husband has worked for the tea stall and is doing well. I had some debt, but now I do not have any loans. I have savings. Three years ago, I did not have many household things. Now I have a bed, a refrigerator, and a reading table for my daughter which she loves very much. After five years, I hope that my daughter will complete her SSC (equivalent to high school) exams and my husband will open a big tea shop. My family members and neighbors all respect me and they say good things to us. They see that my family situation is changing day by day and that we are a happy family now. I am one of Basha’s top artisans. I want to continue to be a good producer and to continue to be a good worker. I love to work at Basha. When I hear a customer’s praise for a blanket I made, I feel proud of myself and I am encouraged to keep doing my best work. I am surprised that my blankets sometimes go to such far away countries.

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