My name is Peeu. I completed six months of training and honestly, I am ready for work. I don’t need to ask anything from anyone in my family. Therefore, I declare myself as self-dependent. I have changed. I can work here safely and receive a proper salary. After five years, I want to see myself as a good homemaker. I went to Hong Kong for work, but people treated me poorly and did not pay. I was not given enough food to eat. I did sixteen hours work per day as a house helper. They treated me badly, so I do not want to go out of the country anymore. Some days I think about how I will make a blanket and a foreigner will buy it. I never imagined that before. I can make all types of blankets. All are easy for me because I knew sewing before. I help others when they need or ask help from me. I am taking care of my family, so now I can say that I am a strong woman.

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