My name is Parvin. I work in the textile department at Basha Enterprises. My mother was paralyzed and father was mentally ill. Therefore, I had to start working at garments factory from a very young age. People forced me to marry but my mother in-law did not like me. So forcefully, she took my husband away from me. At that time, I was pregnant. After giving birth, I got married again. My mother in-law was very good but my husband is drug addicted. He spent all his money to buy drug. I heard about CUP (Children Uplift Program) and I have received many kinds of training. I am trained to lead a better life. Then I came to work at Basha. Now I have peace in my home. I can eat and feed my child. I do not need to beg for my child’s food.I have to work hard so that I can provide my son good education for his better future. I like to work here. It is better to work than begging. This work has given me honor. My husband does not beat me like before. I am happy that I can earn for my family.

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