My name is Pakhi. I have been working here at Basha since September 2021 where I received 6-month training. Before I was very emotional and didn’t trust anyone, but now I have learned how to manage my anger and love and care for myself. At Basha my favorite thing is being with women where I can feel free to work and everyone loves and supports me. No one nags me. I am not married. I am living in the Friends of Basha transitional home. It is not safe to stay with my family. My father is paralyzed, and my dream is to save some money from my work to open a tea stall for my dad, which he has wanted for many years. Sometimes I attend training and tell women and girls about the safe workplace where I am working now. I tell them about myself and how I am safe and receive mental health support and job opportunities. I have a difficult relationship with my family but I miss them very much. Sometimes I talk with them by phone. I believe I will be able to make a good relationship with my family again. That’s why I have worked hard. I can sew blankets well now that I learned from Basha. I never went to school. When I first came here and heard that I had the opportunity to learn reading and writing, I was so happy. Now I can read books and I can write my name too. That makes me so proud of myself. I am so happy here.  I feel safe here.

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