My name is Nusrat. I am a divorced woman, living at my parents’ house. I didn’t complete my studies, but with Basha I was given the opportunity to read books and write. My husband is a trafficker, so he tried to sell me to India, but he couldn’t sell me. I gave him a divorce. Before I came here, I was depressed. I didn’t like to talk with people, and I didn’t laugh. After 6 months of training, I saw many changes in my life. I’ve learned how to make good friendships and maintain relationships well with others and I know what is best. I love my life now. I enjoy all the activities here.  After 5 years, I want to be able to support my mom. I want to work at Basha for a long time. Initially I had difficulties sewing a blanket, but everyone helped me so now I have no problem. All the staff and artisans are so friendly.

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