My name is Nurnahar. I have a daughter. I love her so much. My husband hates my daughter because she is a girl but I love her more than myself. I struggle with many problems from my past life. At one time I had no shelter to sleep at night and had to stay with my relatives. But now I am getting training at Basha and was able to rent my own house where I can stay, where I can sleep. My office colleagues helped me find this house.  I am so happy that I can give good food to my daughter. Before I owned nothing, but now I bought a bed and wardrobe. I feel so happy when I see that my little girl eat well. I never ate good food in my life! So now I am trying to give good things to my daughter and to myself too. All of my colleagues are so friendly! I hope this job will bring new opportunities for my daughter. When I was in school it was my wish to learn how to use the sewing machine. While I was in training for Basha I was taught how to use one. I am so happy for that!

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