My name is Nur. I have been working at Basha for four years. My husband works outside of the country. When he went away he faced so many obstacles. He was not able to send money for us. During that time I started working and began to run my family. I have three children. One is married. The other two are studying. I was paying their education expenses. These days I can’t work well. I am not earning enough like before and this is a big change in my life, but my husband is earning well now. My dream is that I want my kids to study hard and finish their studies properly. I want my son to get a job. If I see someone in trouble, I suggest that they work and tell them to work honestly and earn their money in a legal way. I invite them to come to Basha. When I was not working I used to misuse my time by doing nothing but gossiping with others. Now I use my time properly and earn money as well. I feel proud that I’m a working woman now. My husband and children are my pride.

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