My name is Nodi. I have been working here with Basha for four years. I like to work here because of daycare. My children stay near me safely and I am able to concentrate to do my work well. I have two children. They are seven years old and nine months old. I am dreaming about a bright future. I hope that I will be in a good position in my family. I do not want to have financial hardship in my family. I would tell someone in a difficult position if she needs a job that I will help her according to my abilities. I invited Ria to work at Basha. Before, she was afraid to join here. Then I encouraged her and she is working well now. I am having better relationships with my family members now. I do kantha quality checking. I have good experience about kantha quality and I enjoy doing that. It is easy for me. I try to show proper quality to Dhaka producers directly. I am proud of my two children. We are having a good family life. God helped us to stay healthy in Corona times. I am thankful to God for this.

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