My name is Nargis. I have been working here with Basha for nine years. I am doing better quality in production than before. I like to work here because I have learned how to sew and do this job. I have three children. My elder daughter is good at jewellery products. My youngest daughter is studying and doing well. I dream that in the future, my two older children are not studying, but they will be good people all the time. I hope that I can stay healthy physically and have more patience for my family. If any woman has a hard time, I will tell her some suggestions of how to try to make a good life. Many times, I give suggestions to other sisters and they like that. I brought producer Josna and a few others. They were living with hard times. I felt bad for them. I helped to give them a good future. I am having a good relationship with my family members now. My mom wants me to visit her often. I make big kanthas and other sizes of kanthas too. I feel it is hard to do angle scarf so my supervisor does not force me to do those. I like to do small, single and double kanthas. Those take a few days to do. It was a little hard for me to learn because in my life I had not sewn before coming to this office. If anyone has a hard time with kanthas, then I help them to finish. I am proud of my life. I was on the street before, but now I am having a good family life and I enjoy my time here. Please pray for my children so that they will have safe lives.

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