My name is Murshida. I started to work with Basha in October, 2019. I came here without hope and without dreams, but now I have hope and a dream for my life and for my children and family. I love my workplace. When I came here I had lots of family problems, but now I can recover from some problems and work hard. My husband has another two wives so I gave him a divorce. He is a drug addict and does not support me. Now I provide support for my daughter. Even though my husband does not support us, I am able to support my daughter and myself. My dream is to give a good education to my daughter. She wants to be a doctor in the future. I want to help her to fulfill her dream. When I see any woman who is going the wrong way or has struggles in her life I tell her about Basha and invite her to visit the office so she can have an opportunity to work and change her life like me. I try to encourage her about how she can change and make a better life. My dream is to buy a small piece of land in the future. To fulfill that dream I work hard and I save. I had six months training here. The counselling part of the programme was very special for me. I love farming and now I have some chickens, ducks and two goats. I believe I will continue to improve my family’s situation.

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