My name is Moyna. I have three children; two sons and one daughter. My eldest son completed study until fifth class and now works in an AC repair shop. My daughter is studying in 4 th class standard and my youngest son will take admission to the school next January. I used to work in the tobacco factory and later in a boutique house, but I could not work with my children there. I was not able to work peacefully and I was always worried for their safety. After joining Basha I can now work peacefully because I can keep my children safe in the daycare. I am happy that my children are having opportunities to study, play, eat and learn many things in the daycare. My husband is also very happy that our children are safe in the daycare.
In the beginning, I could not sew king and queen size kanthas, but now I can. My hope is to be able to sew perfectly. I love to make all kinds of Basha products. In addition, I like to help other sisters here to do the patchwork on their kanthas. I want to work at Basha Boutique as long as I can. I hope to pay off all my debts and also build a house on my own land. I will help let other helpless women know about Basha so that they also can work with dignity and in a good environment.

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