My name is Mousumi. I work in the textile department at Basha Enterprises. My husband was drug addicted. He had so much debt. He blamed me for this debt and physically abused me. I could not bear that torture and ran away from his home to my mother’s house. My mother is a day labor. Her income was also not sufficient for us. When I left my husband’s house, my son was one year old. I was very sick. I could not do any work. I started begging in the graveyard. In this situation, I got an opportunity to join CUP (Children’s Uplift Program). I have found new hope through CUP. I was helpless and homeless. I do not want that my son will also suffer like me. I want to buy a piece of land. Now I pay my house rent and my mother provides for food and other expenses. I will work hard and save money to build home so my son will have a shelter.

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